Виставка «Grammar. Fix.» Івана Світличного триватиме до 8 травня!

Interview with Roman Bordun, director of “Diviners” (VIDEO)

Presentation of a new music video by Palindrom – The Last Dance. Public interview (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Lecture about media art by Oleg Suslenko (VIDEO)

Presentation of the Assortment Room (Ivano-Frankivsk) (VIDEO)

Center in the Julian Chaplinsky’s vlog

The first spring lecture on art history at the Center (PHOTOS)

Diana Popfalushi (Zero Waste Lviv) about the culture of trash sorting (VIDEO)

Performance “Excursion” by Anita Nemet (VIDEO)

Korolivski zaytsi’s songs on the poetry by Lesya Ukrainka in the Center (VIDEO)

“Pilikayu” concert (VIDEO)