About us

Lviv Municipal Art Center is a new landmark on the cultural map of the city. It is a multi-functional space located in the authentic Neo-Gothic building with a modern architectural solution. The center includes a gallery, lecture halls, media library, bookstore, a cozy cafe, and a workshop. This place is created to introduce you to the world of art, aesthetic pleasure, and reflections. It may serve as a platform for informal education or establish a dialogue between artists. 

Exhibitions, lectures, master classes, film screenings, concerts, performances, and other cultural events are waiting here for the residents and guests of the city. Lviv Municipal Art Center unites artists, culture experts, musicians, filmmakers, and other professionals from different cultural areas and industries.

Here, it is not shameful not to understand art. That’s why our curators, mediators, and artists will be happy to give you an all-encompassing tour around. We also have educational programs for children and students.

This is a friendly art space both for parents and children to enjoy their time together with comfort and benefit. Here you can play, learn, and create.

Our mission is to give a full-scale perspective on art and explain simply any sophisticated conception. We will introduce you to the people, processes, and artworks which shape the cultural code of Lviv.

Lviv Municipal Art Center is a “must visit” if you are interested in discovering the city’s heritage and is keen on cultural tourism. Discover Lviv through the Lviv Municipal Art Center!


The art for all and the art for everyone. We touch the eternal and we create new senses.

Our mission is to support and promote contemporary art, design, innovative aesthetic practices, and cultural research through communication and cooperation on the basis of the open multi-functional space,  Lviv Municipal Art Center. 

We do believe that it is art, creative industries, and research collaborations that shape the future of the city.

This is space for meetings, learning, and communication that helps to develop innovative and ecological thinking, inspires creativity, supports talents, and actually,  makes Lviv residents even happier.

The programs of the Lviv Municipal Art Center are inclusive and may be adapted to different ages, social statuses, and professional interests encouraging communication between representatives of different backgrounds.

We think globally. We act locally. We work on cooperation within the bounds of the city, the country, and the world.


Lviv Municipal Art Center occupies a residential building number 11 down Stefanyka Street, surrounded by various cultural institutions. Our neighbors are Stefanyk National Science Library, Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery, and the Lviv Art Palace.

This Neo-Gothic townhouse belonged to Leon Sapiga and was built in the mid-1970s by the project of Lviv architect Adolf Kuhn. At different times, it served as newspaper editorial offices, community residents, studios, and as National Ossoliński Institute’s bookstore library.

You can learn more about the history of the building on Center for Urban History’s  website. From our side, we welcome you to come and see the building with your own eyes.