Press Kit

  • 05/18-18/06


  • 05/15-15/06

    Photo exhibition “Eye Contact. A Gaze in the Spectrum.”

  • 04/10-30/04

    Nil Khasevych. Exhibition of the Gallery of Ukrainian Military Uniforms

  • 03/20-15/05

    Увага: СВІТЛО! / Attention: LIGHT! / Uwaga: ŚWIATŁO! — Józef Robakowski

  • 03/06-15/03

    MY APARTMENT SHED ITS SKIN: an exhibition of historical wall paintings of Lviv

  • 02/17-10/03

    Letters in the city present posters with this year’s quotes from Ukraine’s thought leaders

  • 02/02-10/03

    The landscape will be different. Exhibition of Vitaly Matukhno (Lysychansk)

  • 01/05-30/01

    Ukraine war posters. Lviv Art Center exhibition in Reykjavík SIM gallery

  • 12/11-29/01

    “Forest.Item.Sun.Scar.To remember.Hide.Limitations” — an exhibition of Lviv Municipal Art Residency participants

  • 12/06-02/01

    Photo exhibition “Angels of Sport”

  • 10/20-01/12

    Exhibition “Rustle” by Serhiy Yakunin

  • 09/08-05/10

    Exhibition about online-archive of personal stories “14-8-22”

  • 08/05-10/10

    Roman Bordun “Let’s leave it for better times”

  • 07/29-20/09

    “Women and war”: Ukrainian defenders, Ukrainian heroines

  • 06/23-17/07

    Exhibition “Kharkiv – Reinforced concrete”

  • 05/21-17/07

    Figures of “Culture”. The Shot Revival on Bohdana Davydyuk’s posters

  • 04/25-15/05

    “Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists. Taras Bychko

  • 02/17-03/03

    Exhibition “Barricade” by Julia Po

  • 03/25-08/04

    “Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists. Vlada Ralko

  • 02/04-28/02

    Davyd Chychkan “Ribbons and Triangles”

  • 01/10-10/02

    Exhibition of Alexandr Grekhov “Monumental Occupation”

  • 01/17-28/02

    Osmar García (MX) collaboration with Lviv’s artists

  • 12/07-06/01

    VR-exhibition of classics of Lithuanian photography “Flowering of everyday life”

  • 11/21-17/12

    Photo project «#ЇЇСправа #ЯеСправа» on Rynok Square and in the lecture hall of the Center

  • 11/18-28/01

    Wiktoria Wojciechowska. Іскри / Sparks

  • 10/07-14/11

    Exhibition of classics of Lithuanian photography “Flowering of everyday life”

  • 06/10-10/07

    Photo project “Street Dialogues 2.0”

  • 08/26-26/09

    Photo exhibition “Theater. Gravity”

  • 09/21-05/10

    Taras Bychko. Close

  • 08/24-19/09

    Independence Day exhibition. Claudio, Edik, Serhii, etc.

  • 07/24-19/08

    Oleg Tcherny. Transmission Impossible

  • 06/23-19/07

    Lesya Khomenko. Desired plane

  • 05/16-16/06

    Jan Bačynsjkyj. The First Lviv Queer

  • 03/05-10/04

    «Grammar. Fix.”, Ivan Svitlychnyi’s personal project

  • 11/23-28/02

    Why there will be women artists in Lviv

  • 01/25-14/02

    Photo project. Ukraїner: Malanka. Revival of the Carnival

  • 12/15-25/12

    “The street where I live.” Sixteen photo stories of Donbass youth

  • 12/05-14/12

    Exhibition of protest poster by Vladimir Tsesler “Believe! We can! We will win!”

  • 11/19-22/11

    Exhibition of paintings made by children with Down syndrome from Lady Di and Solar Workshop

  • 12/02/2023

    “Memory Is Our Homeland” by Jonathan Durand

  • 07/02/2023

    Restoring Public Space in the Post-War Era. Lecture by Pascal Gielen

  • 04/11/2022

    Concert “Hymns” by Samuele Preda

  • 09/09/2022

    Art and War conference with Dirk Grosser

  • 02/06/2022

    Auction of war trophies and art “History in objects”

  • 27/11/2021

    Curatorial guided tour of the exhibition “Wiktoria Wojciechowska. Іскри / Sparks” (online)

  • 19/11/2021

    Artist’s guided tour of the exhibition “Wiktoria Wojciechowska. Іскри / Sparks” (online)

  • 19/11/2021

    Panel discussion “Aftermath of being a soldier” (online)

  • 16/10/2021

    Beyond the post-soviet. Itinerant study group

  • 06/10/2021

    Presentation of Andreas Wenninger’s “Cold flowers” photo album

  • 11/09/2021

    Science and technology in the work of Stanislav Lem: a synoptic review and comparison with modernity.

  • 09/09/2021

    Victoria Veselovska about Night cycling

  • 05/09/2021

    Meeting with sculptor Sebastian Schweikert – author of the Mozart monument in Lviv

  • 27/08/2021

    About rational thinking and not only. Open meta-conversation with Artem Albul

  • 15/06/2021

    Lem 100: return home

  • 11/06/2021

    Meeting-discussion with the design agency Crevv

  • 11/06/2021

    Excursion of Oleg Suslenko with the exhibition “Peršyj Lvivsjkyj Kvir”

  • 10/06/2021

    Opening of the photo exhibition “Street Dialogues 2.0” on the scaffolding of the artcenter

  • 24/02/2021

    Stan Ibrahim (Mauser). Piano music

  • 09/02/2021

    Vasyl Savchenko about the modern art of graphics

  • 04/02/2021

    Discussion about updating of exhibition “Why there will be women artists in Lviv”

  • 05/02/2021

    Sadan. To be nobody or to be yourself

  • 02/02/2021

    Morning with Collegium Musicum. Grand opening of the piano in the space of the Center

  • 31/01/2021

    Oleksiy Konoshenko’s performance “Creating Destruction”

  • 26/01/2021

    Municipal team building. Establishing links between organizations in the field of culture

  • 24/01/2021

    Sunday reading. Appex and Joseph Beuys “Jeder Mensch ist ein Kunstler” (online)

  • 25/01/2021

    Bohdan Logvynenko and Katya Akvarelna about Photoproject Ukrainer: Malanka. Revival of the Carnival

  • 29/01/2021

    Bedroom Talks. Сold minimalistic music (live)

  • 03/02/2021

    Presentation of the book. Joseph Beuys “Jeder Mensch ist ein Kunstler”

  • 10/02/2021

    Film “Diviners” (2019) by Roman Bordun and a meeting with the author

  • 11/02/2021

    History of art. Johannes Itten and basics of color science

  • 05/11/2020

    The Vorobushek Theater. Artist-talk

  • 05/11/2020


  • 04/11/2020

    Autor’s course of film photography by Kostya Smolyaninov. Lecture #1

  • 19/10/2020

    Lviv Municipal Art Center invites to first excursion

  • 20/10/2020

    Tour of the future Center

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