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Lviv Municipal Art Center will receive visitors from Tuesday to Sunday

Monday is the day off

Working hours: 10:00 – 21:00

Free entrance


The group tours are allowed by appointment. We will introduce you to contemporary art and actual cultural trends. Lviv Municipal Art Center invites you to excursions accompanied by curators, mediators, and authors themselves.


    We care about the comfort and safety of our visitors. Nothing should prevent you from a total immersion into the the depth of art. Please leave your outerwear in the closet and your belongings in the storage room.

    It is forbidden to bring to the Center objects and substances that may harm the artworks, premises, or other visitors. The space is equipped with cameras.

    Please do not consume food and beverages purchased outside the Center. We will soon have a coffee shop for your comfort. There is a parking lot for baby carriages.

    We do love animals, but we ask pets to abstain from visiting Lviv Municipal Art Center’s gallery. We will be happy to see your four-legged friend in the yard, lobby, or other premises. Please do not touch the exhibits with your hands or with anything else for that matter.

    During your visit to the Center, please switch your phone to silent mode.


    It is forbidden to bring food and beverages to the Gallery. We have a coffee shop for this purpose.


    There are a ramp entrance and a special parking lot for your baby carriages. In the case when the exposition is limited with space, we will ask visitors to leave a pram in the lobby.


    It is allowed to take photographs unless specified by a particular exhibition or event. Unauthorized video recording and the use of tripods are prohibited. Accreditation for the press. 


    Telephone calls are forbidden in the Center’s Gallery. During your visit, please switch your phone to silent mode.


    We allow sketching (only with pencil, no ink, or paint) in the notebooks no larger than A4 format.


    The Municipal Art Center is a modern inclusive space accessible to less mobile groups.

    The gallery, lecture halls, and other premises and courtyards are accessible for wheelchairs. If you have any questions, please contact reception.