На рецепції Муніципального мистецького центру потрібно показати Сертифікат про вакцинацію від COVID-19 (2x), або актуальний ПЛР чи антиген-тест, або довідку про антитіла. Одягайте маску та дотримуйтесь дистанції!

Meet the reus-bags of the collaboration of the Municipal Art Center X Horondi

The first collection bags from the collaboration of the Municipal Art Center and the Horondi brand can already be held in your hands to try on your shoulders. On the banners used for their tailoring – photos of Ukrainian photographers, which were previously an exhibition on the facade of the Art Center.

The funds received from the sale of these bags will be used to support the Center’s environmental initiatives and implement new eco-projects.