Posters in support of residents of occupied cities in the public space of Lviv

In the square at the intersection of Tarnavskyi – Zelena – Vodoginna streets, there is now a changing exhibition of 12 posters in support of residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine. Kherson, Energodar, Severodonetsk and thematic posters are located on a concrete structure that remained in the square from Soviet times.

“Today, we propose to update the space by using the concrete rudiments of the square as a place for posters created by students and graduates of the Academy under the influence of the experiences of the war with Russia. In general, the square can become a kind of place for public “viewings” – because it is located on the way of students from the dormitories to LNAM and is quite passable and convenient for such exhibitions.” – shares the idea of ​​Liana Mytsko, director of the Municipal Art Center.


The exhibition was created by students of the Department of Graphic Design of the LNAM together with the Municipal Art Center and in cooperation with Kateryna Kit-Sadova. The authors of the graphic works are students of the Department of Graphic Design of the LNAM (kurator Kateryna Didyk), including those from the east of Ukraine, and residents of the Center: Bohdana Davidyuk, Mykhailo Skop, Vitaly Ruppelt.