Discussion on the removal of Oleg Suslenko’s works from the exhibition “100 years of loneliness” at the Palace of Arts (VIDEO)

On October 1, the Lviv Palace of Arts opened the exhibition “One Hundred Years of Solitude” – 120 works by twenty-six artists from Transcarpathia, Lviv and Kyiv. There are works of art in particular by Vasyl Bazhay, Igor Yanovich, Mykola Babak, Vlodko Kaufman, Oleg Suslenko, Myroslav Bachkur. On the tenth day of the exhibition (Artist’s Day), one of the exhibitors, artist Oleh Suslenko, noticed that two of his works had been removed from the exhibition without any notice to the author. On October 16, the reasons for the removal of paintings with the inscriptions “Suck my dick” and “Kiss my ass” from the exhibition at the Palace of Arts were discussed.