Landscaping of the yard and space of the Center thanks to the Austrian Cooperation Bureau and patrons

Lviv Municipal Art Center, with the support of the Austrian Bureau of Cooperation (Kooperationsbüro Lemberg-Avstríjsʹke bûro kooperacíí̈ u Lʹvoví) and patrons, carried out landscaping of the courtyard of a residential building on the Stefanyka st., 11.

The space of the Center was also landscaped, special bins for sorting garbage were installed, a green corner with an aquarium was created, notebooks and an office made of recycled materials were purchased, and educational work with employees was carried out. There was a lecture on environmental awareness and planned activities to disseminate environmental education among visitors. The room was filled with plants, and new trees appeared in the courtyard and on the terrace. Funding for the project within the framework of “Zero Waste meets Culture in Lviv” became possible thanks to the support of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

“It’s nice to make such improvements in the city together with like-minded people. We are grateful to the Austrian Cooperation Office for the trust and assistance in the greening of our yard and art center: it is landscaping, and waste sorting, and merch from recycled materials. We look forward to further joint projects and a conceptual dialogue that will improve our environment” commented Lyana Mytsko, Director of the Lviv Municipal Art Center.