“Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists. Vlada Ralko

“Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists. Vlada Ralko


Lviv Municipal Art Center resumes its exhibition activities. Along with the “Cooperation” space for joint work of the displaced persons and Lviv residents working in the creative and social spheres, we are launching “Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists. Objects are located in those rooms that are actually used by the Municipal Art Center as the safest places within its premises during air alarms.

Vlada Ralko:

 \“Painting is the only language so far that has come back to me since the first days of the new invasion (because the war has been there for eight years). I can’t find proper words for things in the new light that burns out my eyes. This is how I manage to communicate presently. The series hasn’t got a name yet either”.

“Shelter” exhibition project for Ukrainian artists is aimed at demonstrating reactionary art that has emerged in the time of russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Artists turn into the persons responsible for the shelter and fill the space of the Lviv Municipal Art Center choosing the method and principle of exhibiting their works on their own.

The description of the exhibitions presents the impressions of artists from their own shelters. These are perhaps the only places that may save them during the war in Ukraine. Likewise, the works of art become a refuge for the messages that artists communicate to the world.

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The exhibition will be free to visit daily from March 25, 2022 from 10 am to 9 pm
11 Stefanyka street, Lviv
Code on the gate – 27


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Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Lviv Municipal Art Center has reformatted its activities, being at first turned into a shelter for the forcibly displaced people. In the course of 2 weeks we hosted more than 400 displaced people offering them rest and psychological help.

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