Photo project «#ЇЇСправа #ЯеСправа» on Rynok Square and in the lecture hall of the Center

Photo project «#ЇЇСправа #ЯеСправа» on Rynok Square and in the lecture hall of the Center


The exhibition of portraits of activists from Ukraine and Belarus was prepared in the educational program for young journalists “MediaLab Fem”. During this program, journalists from Belarus and Ukraine gained and deepened their knowledge in the field of women’s activism, genre portrait photography and portrait essay.

The graduation works of the MediaLab Fem Workshop were portraits of Ukrainian and Belarusian activists, on which the students worked under the guidance of experienced curators from both countries. These are women who change the life of their country, city, district, street for the better: environmental activists, urban planners, human rights activists, art activists.

The exhibition in Lviv takes place in two locations. On Rynok Square from 13.12. for citizens, portraits of activists are displayed on stands in large format. At the same time, the Lviv Municipal Art Center shows the stories of active women in photos and text. Along with the works of students, collages of Lviv poster artist Bohdana Davydyuk with portraits of Belarusian activists Masha Kolesnikova, Alana Gebremariam and Martha Rabkova, three of the 98 political prisoners of the Lukashenko’s regime, are exhibited.

The exhibition «#ЇЇСправа #ЯеСправа» aims to make the role of women in civil society more visible.

Curators / Photos: Irynka Gromotska, Oleksiy Furman, Tetyana Tkachova, Serhiy Korovainy, Yulia Volchok, Serhiy Polezhaka

Curators / Text: Maria Tytarenko, Yaroslava Tymoschuk, Anastasia Levkova

Project manager: Elena Zherzdeva (EMI, Berlin)

Project coordinators: Antonina Polukhina, Olesya Parfan\

Exhibition organizers: European Media Initiative e. V. (Berlin), Nova Druzhkivka, Lviv Municipal Art Center.

The project is funded under the Program of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany “Expanding cooperation with civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries”