Photo project “Street Dialogues 2.0”

Photo project “Street Dialogues 2.0”


Street photography presents honest, candid and non-staging photos of everyday life of the streets with fascinating shots, which often tell stories that go beyond the moment seen through the viewfinder. No matter what becomes the object of the street photographer’s research: street still lifes, architecture, passers-by, strange details or intriguing signs – all these scenes tell about a special view of a street photographer on the visual archive of life in modern Ukraine and Ukrainians. Photographers seem to ask themselves and the viewer: “Why? For what? How?”
The photos of the members of the Ukrainian Street Photography community presented at the Street Dialogues exhibition are aimed at encouraging the viewer to answer these questions and show Ukrainian photographers, whose common uniqueness is their passion for street photography.

Project participants:
Taras Bychko, Tetyana Bunyak, Adriana Dovha, Volodymyr Vozny, Ihor Yefimov, Yaroslav Zharkovsky, Taras Karabin, Nazar Korovay, Mykhailo Kulyk, Mykhailo Palinchak, Pavlo Pastushenko, Volodymyr Petrov, Volodymyr Polynyak, Yana Sidash, Roman Tykhy.

The exhibition was exhibited for the first time as part of the Odessa Photo Days festival (21.05-02.06), and supplemented by works by new authors will be presented in Lviv on the facade scaffolding of the Lviv Municipal Art Center (11 Stefanyka Street), kindly provided by the house restorers.

Ukrainian street photography is an initiative of three curators united by the idea of popularizing street photography in Ukraine – Mykhailo Palinchak, Volodymyr Petrov and Taras Bychko.
Currently, this group is the largest photo community in the Ukrainian FB.