«Grammar. Fix.”, Ivan Svitlychnyi’s personal project

«Grammar. Fix.”, Ivan Svitlychnyi’s personal project


Starting from March 6, we invite you to come and see “Grammar. Fix.”, Ivan Svitlychnyi’s project. This is the second big exhibition in Lviv Municipal Art Center’s gallery. This time, the crosscutting theme is search for a new visuality. 

Ivan Svitlychnyi is an artist from Kharkiv working on the theme of new visualities, a participant of the Venice Biennale, a nominee for the Pinchuk Art Prize, a winner of the Kazimir Malevich Prize, and the founder of the SVITER art group. 

“Grammar.Fix.”, a cross-disciplinary installation, is a continuation of “Script”, another project where the author focused on creating a data array consisting of an analysis of processes in low-level Internet protocols and bacteriological samples. At this first stage, interpreting art as a universal communication, the author worked with questions like “What will determine the status of an artwork and will form a new visuality in the future?”, as well as “What will be the next visual language?”

Using the linguistic methodology in the “Grammar.Fix.” project, through video, light, sound and images, the author identifies the phonemes of the new visuality. He refers to the time of the first digital graphic experiments when computer technology was a specialized segment and artists practicing in this field were viewed as visionaries and harbingers of a new world.

Ivan Svitlychnyi, artist and sculptor.

He was born in 1988 in Kharkiv. He graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Faculty of Easel and Monumental Sculpture, in 2012. He started his professional activity in 2008.

2013. Together with Max Robotov and Lera Polyanskova, he created an exhibition environment “Shuhliada”, an online platform for independent artists and curators.

2015. He became a member of the Institution of Unstable Thoughts.

2017. Participant of the Venice Biennale (within “Parliament” project), Ukrainian pavilion (Venice, Italy).

2018. He wins the Kazimir Malevich Prize.

Participant of the Transmediale Vorspiel festival 2018 (Berlin, Germany).

Together with Max Robotov and Lera Polyanskova, he created Photinus School. It is a school of new media art formed around the artists’ workshops aimed at the development of the media art community in Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2019. Participant of Digital Cultures Festival (Warsaw, Poland).

 “Grammar. Fix.” was demonstrated for the first time in Kyiv at the Pinchuk Art Center (2018). In “Script”, the author focused on accumulating data to create a script for a future performance. The installation of “Grammar.Fix”, the following phase of the series, took place in Voloshyn Gallery (2019-2020). At this point, Svitlychnyi processes the collected data. Focusing on recognizing parts of visual language, the author uses graphics and new media (light, sound and video) in the “Grammar.Fix.” installation.

“The exhibitions of the first year of work in Lviv Municipal Art Center are united around a common theme “Art that was not present in Lviv”. All of them will be accompanied by discussions and artist talks, educational programs and collaborations which allow to delve even deeper into these exhibitions. Together with the curators of the Center and the expert council we want to make this space as open and free for speech as possible, while keeping difficult topics dominant,” says Liana Mytsko, head of the Center.

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