“Forest.Item.Sun.Scar.To remember.Hide.Limitations” — an exhibition of Lviv Municipal Art Residency participants

“Forest.Item.Sun.Scar.To remember.Hide.Limitations” — an exhibition of Lviv Municipal Art Residency participants


Seven relocated artists from Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Lysychansk and Kyiv took part in the residency. They work in different techniques, such as documentary- and video art, sculpture, graphics, painting, photography, performance and land art. For three weeks, the artists have been studying the contexts of the city, where they found themselves due to the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine.

Darya Molokoedova. Kramatorsk, Kharkiv

Ilya Todurkin. Mariupol, Kyiv

Yevhen Korshunov. Brovary-Kyiv

Yuriy Shtayda and Victoria Teletien (Specii). Kharkiv

Katya Drozd. Bakhmut, Kharkiv

Vitaliy Matukhno. Lysychansk

Curator – Pavlo Kovach

Heads of the residency – Lyana Mytsko and Marta Sloboda

This exhibition is the result of these studies. Residents created objects, capturing and reflecting the fluctuations of Lviv as a home front city, as well as trying to define themselves in it.

In sync with these fluctuations, the exhibition will be supplemented with new works throughout the whole exhibition period.

The name of the exhibition is composed of simple and non-random words. These words have no beginning or end, order or pattern. They change dynamically, flow into each other, while we walk through (un)familiar places, find, explore and forget.

The works will be exposed in the exhibition hall of the Lviv Municipal Art Center from December 11th to January 31st.

A press-tour will take place on December 12 at 2:00 p.m.

Registration by phone number 063 110 48 99 or via link: https://www.lvivart.center/presa/.

Advice from the center team: plan several visits to the exhibition, because it will be updated.

The residency and the exhibition were created thanks to the financial support of the Stabilization Fund of Goethe-Institut Ukraine – an initiative to support cultural and educational organizations that suffered from the consequences of russia’s war against Ukraine.