Exhibition “Rustle” by Serhiy Yakunin

Exhibition “Rustle” by Serhiy Yakunin


A personal exhibition of Ukrainian artist Serhiy Yakunin will take place on October 20 at the Lviv Municipal Art Center.

The exhibition “Shelest” (“Rustle”) is being created right in the gallery spaces. Serhiy Yakunin explores the exhibition halls and everything around — the art center’s halls, the buildings and history of this place. The author is using its space as a basis to create the exhibition.

Serhiy Yakunin is a Ukrainian artist who works in the genres of installation, sculpture, photography, video and landart.

He was born in Lviv in 1954 and studied at the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in 1973-1977. Now lives in Lviv.

Serhii Yakunin creates his art in and out of space, and often finds materials directly on the spot. Stone, water, sand, forest or earth. Geometric lines and points that serve as abstract ideas which fill and form the space are the subjects of his explorations.

Serhii works in the field of site-specific art. His works are usually material and temporary, existing only within the confines of a symposium or plein air. His works are born based on actual situations given by the surrounding environment. The first attempt to formulate the idea of working with natural materials, light, sound, and projections and bring them into the exhibition hall was the 1994 project “3/3”, created together with Anna Sydorenko and Hleb Vysheslavskyi. In 2021, the almanac “Sergei Yakunin. Sculpture and Site-specific Art” was published by the Stedley Art Foundation. This publication is an overview of Yakunin’s work as the initiator of Ukrainian site-specific art from 1970 to 2018.