Exhibition “Kharkiv – Reinforced concrete”

Exhibition “Kharkiv – Reinforced concrete”


On June 23, for the birthday of Petro Lisovyy, the Kharkiv Litmuseum opens the exhibition “Kharkiv – Reinforced Concrete” in Lviv.

Can we be sure that we know other cities, especially cities in the east of the country? We do not use a set of certain stamps, we operate with ideas, often false and imposed. The exhibition “Kharkiv – Reinforced concrete” offers to discover Kharkiv as a bright cultural and intellectual center, to trace through the history of the “Slovo” building, from its creation to the present, what is the inner strength of the city, its creative reactivity and specifically Ukrainian identity.

The exhibition will run from June 23 to July 14 in the Lviv Municipal Art Center.

Curator group:
Dina Chmuzh
Maryna Kutsenko
Tatiana Pylypchuk
Sergey Kangelari
Tatiana Igoshina
Lidia Kalashnikova
Oleksiy Yurchenko
Oleksandr Teslyuk