Independence Day exhibition. Claudio, Edik, Serhii, etc.

Independence Day exhibition. Claudio, Edik, Serhii, etc.


Lviv art center presents a group exhibition “Independence Day exhibition. Claudio, Edik, Serhii, etc.”, which opens on the 24th of August.

Both the newly-established country, which is being developed and separated from its neighbors, as well as each of its individual citizens are in the process of building their own agency. Brick fences are becoming larger, while houses are now three-storey. Dormant capital, in the form of brick piles which are covered with a slate of bad weather, lies under the walls. Building stones are waiting, meanwhile, Ukrainian labour migrants increasingly resemble non-national citizens. Unlike the “European Fortress” (Grote, 2007), those fences do not leak. While artists are choosing between activist usefulness and artistic quality, labour migrants, as a transnational subject, are creating new distinctive choreography.

Initiators of the exhibition are Roman Khimei and Ostap Yashchuk.

The project is implemented with the support of the I-Portunus.


Ivan Bazak
Naomi Dutzi
Roman Khimei
Yarema Malashchuk
Friedrich Stockmeier
Volodymyr Vorotnov
Tereza Yakovyna
Ostap Yashchu