Panel discussion “Aftermath of being a soldier” (online)

Panel discussion “Aftermath of being a soldier” (online)


The war in Donbas, which is still carried on, has already been a disastrous experience for a large number of people, especially those who had to join the army. Changing one’s life and identification, from an engineer, show assistant of dj to a soldier, getting accustomed to the horrors of was, surviving the frontline, and than back to a civilian, living a regular life, cannot come without a cost. If it is possible at all. And this effect has risen to be an experience of a generation. 

Those problems seem not to be addressed and present enough in the public debate. The panel with experts and ex-soldiers is aimed at discussing the visibility of problems and mental harm made by war. 

The discussion will be held at Lviv Art Center as well as live streamed over our Youtube-channel. Submitting questions online will be available.

Moderator: Pavlo Kovach
Roksolana Fedets
Wiktoria Wojciechowska
Levytskyi Maksym
Bura Daria